Having been born in such a place, i starting appreciating the town just recently.

Chickmanglur is a small district in karanataka at the foothills of Mullayanagiri. Its one of the most visited tourist places in Karanataka. Chickmanglur is famous for its pleasant climate and acres of coffee estates (one of which belonged to my grandfather). As a kid i enjoyed visiting my grandparents and the estate, playing on beans of coffee spread out on the floor, but i never really appreciated the town for its true beauty until recently.

My last trip to Chickmanglur was in the month of November in the year 2016. My father drove my friend and I for a short trip. Its a 6 to 7 hour drive from the city of Bangalore with the most amazing scenery on the way. Almost half way to town, my father stopped at farm which grew the flowers that had the richest of red I’d ever seen. The land stretched not so far but the colour could just not be missed.

rich red.

After an hour or two on the road, i remembered by brother saying something about a sunken church near a town called Hassan. This, i had to see. I googled the place called SHETTIHALLI CHURCH. We followed the map for about 20-30 min leading to smaller and smaller roads. When we went the church wasn’t really submerged (wasn’t really the rainy season)

This is what we found. An abandoned, rustic old church.
_DSC5807 copy
This was what my brother found. Submerged.

Finally when we reached Chickmanglur, we first visited my uncles resort. Its called Mountain valley resorts. One of the nicest resorts in the town. Warm people, good food, homely environment and lovely, affordable, comfortable rooms. This resort is situated almost toward the foothills of the mountain so you can imagine the view.

Just a part of the resort. http://mountainvalleyckm.com/

My family gets super excited when we visit Chickmangalur. And with my friend visiting for the first time, they were thrilled to show her the place. They took us to this place where we could ride in a jeep and mountain bikes up a hill. The most nicest view from the top of the mountain.

Mountain bikes.
The view from top. Mullayangiri is said to be the highest peak in karnataka.

The next day my father wanted to show us a very fancy resort (not like we could afford to stay, but its worth looking at). THE SERAI RESORTS( http://www.theserai.in/) is the largest and the most fanciest resorts in chickmanglur. Its a large acre of land surrounded by forests and a mountain view. We just ended up having coffee and exploring the forest area (the most we could afford).

So many many attractions in Chickmanglur to see. For a nice peace full, budgeted holiday i would recommend a place like this.